~Trump in future if something worse happens? DM

~Trump wants a fair dealTrump has disgracefully accused entire Pakistan of cheating. This is not the first time that an American uttered disrespected words for Pakistan, last time some US official stated: “Pakistanis can sell their mother for money”. But this time it was directly from the President which is alarming. We cannot afford to get into conflict either with the Haqqani Network or with the US. What caused such choler? That can; be not handing over one of the terrorists, belonging to Haqqani Network, to the U.S, they wanted to interrogate him for further information about other captives, who was involved in the kidnapping of a Canadian couple. However, it may be the result of slap that U.S got in UN and they warned that revenge will be taken. In response: FM K. Asif, whose children are U.S citizen recently his walima was held there, giving a hint to the establishment to take steps with care!! Securing position to accuse Establishment in future if something worse happens? DM Dastagir stated that we are not charging NATO and most of the Ministers reminded the U.S that we still have nukes forgetting the fact we do not possess such technology to carry them too far away. Maleeh Lodhi tried stealing credit stated that “Pakistan is co-sponsor of this resolution” where simply vote was needed to incite the mighty U.S.¬†Anyone can predict that politicians will get chance to blame the establishment for creating another mess and secure seat in National Assembly. Diplomats; will get settle in foreign countries, an old tradition, tweeting opinions, in no need time, trying stealing credit. Establishment; will work again to get the respect that was lost. Common People will lose the most in terms of health, education and basic civic facilities, one way or another way common mass will suffer the most.Fighting a Nuclear War with the U.S has only 2 possibilities Bomb their 10,000 armies in Afghanistan or suicide with it in the home, as we have no technology to throw it over NY.C or W.D.C.¬†PeaceYour Comments, please