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To begin with, I honestly say that I have had a great interest in
Double Degree program since my first-year study at Saimaa UAS due to its
various opportunities and benefits that will address my future plans. In fact,
as a Double Degree student, I will have a chance to experience different
educational system and new culture from a foreign country, which is the
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to develop skills, and learn new things.When looking for
a place to go on the double degree, Germany is the country drew my attention
from the first moment. From my point of view, firstly, German economic
development and situations are fascinating and appropriate to my field of
study. In fact, according to IMF 2017, Germany is the fourth-largest economy in
the world by GDP and one of the most technologically advanced countries in the
world. Therefore, it is such a great chance for me to study and explore this
development in one of the important players in the global trade like Germany.
Secondly, Germany is a west-central Europe country, which has a lot of
differences in cultures from Finland, and especially Vietnam – my home country.
Hence, it is not only an opportunity for me to learn a new culture and meet new
friends, but also a huge improvement for me in the future career in
international business since I can compare and deal with many different
cultures from Asian to European countries. Moreover, it is undeniable that I
can learn a new language, which is extremely useful for my career because the
German language is becoming increasingly important in not only Europe but the
global market also. Especially, in Autumn semester 2017, I had a remarkable
experience when participating a course that I collaborated and worked in a
project with German students for two months and had a 5-day trip
to Würzburg, Germany, which was too short. Therefore, if I will get an
opportunity to go back to Germany for a whole academic year, it would mean a
lot to me.