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There are many types of skeletal injuries and problems. Your posture canheavily affect your spine. This is a real problem for those who spend most of their time at a desk or table like students do for most of their day at school. The posture in questions is called “forward head posture”. “Forward head posture” is when the neck slants forward and the head is placed in front of the shoulders. This posture actually forces the back muscles to work harder to try to keep the head up and it also does not let the spine develop the curved shape it should have. It can lead to having ┬áheadaches, neck pain, and even numbness. Do you have “forward head posture” and want to fix it? Here’s how to fix this bad habit: exercise the neck, use a firm pillow, set up an ergonomic workstation, avoid carrying a heavy backpack. By exercising your neck, you will strengthen the muscles which in turn will improve your position. By using a firm pillow that supports your neck, you will alleviate the strain your neck undergoes by using pillows that are too high or too stiff. Students, setting up an ergonomic workstation at school may be hard but there are some things you can still do. At school, you use a computer or laptop of sorts, try to keep it at arm’s length away from the body and if you have trouble seeing clearly at the screen, remember zooming in is always an option as long as you don’t bend you head down as that would defeat the purpose of this. Trying to not carry a heavy backpack may be hard for many students, especially if they have textbooks to carry around for the classes to attend. First, use a bookbag that is proportionate to your body size. Second, try not to carry anything you may not need in and leave them at home or in your school locker. Going to your locker throughout the day to swap out books that you don’t need for those you need is also recommended, as long as you don’t overload yourself. If your posture doesn’t improve after some time, please consult a professional.