St. 1858. I believe that Mother Mary, showed

  St. Bernadette, was known as a saint who saw Mother Mary, in a cave near Lourdes. Pope Pius XI, canonized her as a saint on December, 1933. She was born on January 7, 1844, in Lourdes, France. She was also beatified by 1925. She died on April 16, 1879. Saint Bernadette of Soubirous has two different feast days, April 16, and February 18. She has two because, in France, they celebrate it on the 18th of February while others celebrate it on the 16th of April, which is also the day she died. Saint Bernadette of Soubirous, was the patron saint of, illness, poverty, shepherds, shepherdesses, and Lourdes, France. St. Bernadette’s, story was that, Virgin Mary, visited her when she was fourteen, she was with her friends when she saw her at the grotto. She described Mary as “a very beautiful lady with a rose bush above her head”. Mary, was wearing blue and white, and she made the sign of the cross with a rosary of ivory and gold. Her friends, that were with her, didn’t see her. Soon, most people in her town found out, and some believed her, and some thought she had a mental illness and should be in a mental asylum. The church and French government interviewed her, and believed she was saying the truth. Since St. Bernadette made the dirty spring water to clean water, sixty-nine people were cured according to The Lourdes Medical Bureau. No one can explain what caused the cures.   Saint Bernadette of Soubirous, lived the Gospel in her daily life by, always  being modest and religious. She was the only girl that was fourteen in Lourdes, who did not receive her first communion, in 1858 she wanted to receive her communion and start taking Christian classes to focus on her religion. Her parents agreed and she returned to Lourdes, on January 28th, 1858. Fourteen days after, Mother Mary, appeared in Saint Bernadette’s, visions from February 11th, 1858 to July 16th, 1858. I believe that Mother Mary, showed up to St. Bernadette, because, she was very determined to get her communion and take Christian classes to focus more on her faith. She didn’t get that option before because, her parents didn’t send her to school earlier. Though, people thought St. Bernadette, was not intelligent because, she didn’t know the basics of how to read or write when she was thirteen years old, but she was actually really smart in other subjects. Saint Bernadette of Soubirous became a saint because, the Mother of God, Virgin Mary, Mother Mary, visited her many times. She is also a saint because, people say if you go to Lourdes, in the grotto Bernadette saw Mary, and drink or bathe in the holy water you will get cured. People have tried this and it worked, like a miracle. How she became a saint is that, people couldn’t explain how Mary appeared to Bernadette, and how she was the only one that could see her. They thought she was going crazy, but no one knew for sure until, they asked her a few questions. Later then, they believed Bernadette, when it became 1933, one hundred years after she was born and 54 years after she died. There are stories about the ‘holy waters of Lourdes’ how they cured them