My I didn’t like back then.Thanks for having

My dear school,I admit that, at times, I took you for granted and never realized the impact your lessons and assignments and events and everything in between, would have on me.  I was awkward and stubborn and lazy, but despite the immaturity, you were present and determined to empower and help me as I grew up. It’s just been 8 months since I passed school but the realization has already hit me. If today I am writing this, then it’s because you were there when I didn’t even know how to read and let alone write. Let me begin with a huge thank you. You were not just a tangible building with few lifeless rooms and benches, you were home, my second home with a soul. In fact, you are still home, somewhere deep in my heart, somewhere where I am still that naughty little kid.And yes, you can treat it as an open love letter, because I still love you. I still remember how my tiny baby feet in those cute little black shoes crossed that big iron gate to enter into a new and an extensive world, a world that will change my life, forever. I remember how I cried my eyes out at home, pleading my mom to not send me to school. But then, I still remember how I cried inside on that farewell, that last day when I made my last step out of my second home. Even thinking about it, fills my heart with so many emotions and it fills my eyes with tears of joyous memories.Damn, I miss you.And yes, thank you for giving me such gem of friends for life. The little monkeys that we were, lost in an urban “disciplined” jungle. Well, guess what, some monkeys are still there, still ruining my life in the most fun ways possible.Thanks for those corners in school, where we just sat, secretly ate and talked rubbish. Ah, those golden moments in the canteen,  those extended sports periods, those crazy annual days, those stupid stage performances during blissful inter-house events, those petite gossip sessions in between classes and even those torturous morning assembly. I miss everything, even the things that I didn’t like back then.Thanks for having me, when I was still pure at heart. I have lost that innocence somewhere. Sometimes, I miss that too. I miss being that innocent soul. Thanks for giving me wings, when I was aimless. Thanks for making me meet those amazing teachers who believed in me at times I had lost belief in myself, that have now become my mentors. Thanks for those crushes, ah the crazy stupid love. Thanks for teaching me how to eat lunch in a live class. Yes, I can still keep a straight innocent face, when someone catches me eating. And damn, thanks for making me prepare new notebooks, every year, with those plastic covers and fancy name slips. Ah, the smell of new books, that smell, damn I miss them.Thank you for being the biggest impact in my life and changing my life in an odd way. You taught me hard work and success was something that was not easily learned. Within my school, I learned that I had to push myself to be able to always be the best version of me. This lesson learned within the school has made such a positive impact on my college education that it has shaped me into a better student now than I had started off as.And hey, I promise that one day I will return to you, maybe, sane and improved, maybe famous enough to make you proud. Then I will visit every corner of you, my classrooms, my canteen, my library, my sports room, my labs, and all my favorite spots, meet my affectionate, amiable, inspiring and impartial teachers. And don’t worry, I won’t come alone. I will bring my gang, my monkeys and then we will laugh, scream, smile, and cry out all our memories, together, just like the old times, same love.I miss you so much, daily. And trust me. I will be back.