Muscular disorder (Neuromuscular Disorder | Medline Plus. (n.d.))

Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a group of
neuromuscular disorder (Neuromuscular
Disorder | Medline Plus. (n.d.)) where people lack
dystrophin which is a protein that assists in functioning muscles. Muscular
dystrophy involves muscles that deteriorate and weaken over time making it
difficult for people to exercise and walk as well as simple everyday tasks (Muscular Dystrophy Canada.
(n.d.)). MD is broken down into several categories
in order to help with proper diagnosis. In particular Facioscapulohumeral
muscular dystrophy (FSHD) specifically affects the face, upper arms, and
shoulder which can inhibit people from chewing and swallowing. They have
certain characteristics like; crooked mouth appearance, wing-like shoulder
blades, and or slanted shoulders. People with FSHD generally live a longer life
compared to other types of MD because it is a slower progression. In general,
to be diagnosed there are several different ways such as; blood testing for
enzymes and genetic markers, perform an electromyography test, and or perform a
muscle biopsy (Muscular
Dystrophy: Types, Symptoms, and Diagnosis. (n.d.)). There
is no treatment for any type of muscular dystrophy but there are therapies that
can reduce pain and slow down the process of deterioration (Definition of Muscular dystrophy. (n.d.)).


All of the research is consistent although
there is no treatment for muscular dystrophy, exercise is a safe therapy that
can help patients. With the articles, they all state that patients when
partaking in physical activity endure either less pain then they experience in
everyday scenarios or around the same amount. Some articles discussed maximum
oxygen levels and how exercise can help increase those levels, benefiting
patient’s health. While others discussed some strength regain in muscles
further slowing the process of deterioration. As seen, there are many options
for different types of muscular dystrophy for those that are able to

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