M1 interface (GUI). file management is highly important

M1 – Compare the features and functions of different operating systemsIntroduction:In this task i have been asked to compare the features and functions of different operating systems. The two operating systems that I will be comparing is Windows and Mac OS.Windows 10 and Mac OS Sierra:   Windows and Mac OS are both operating systems which are high known and used. WindowsFunctions:Windows 10Mac OS SierraFile management The windows 10 operating system is one of the best and most reliable when it comes to an operating system. Windows 10 also have an amazing file management as it is easy to use and is found on the graphical user interface (GUI). file management is highly important to Windows as it allows the user to store their work and it has a usable interface. All the man flies are on the left side and one the user clicks on the file they want to open, the files inside appear on the right side. When opened their is four headings which are name, date modified, type and size. These headings are highly important as it makes it a lot easier for the user to use. For instance, if the user wanted to find old files which they want to delete to free up space, all they need to do is click on date modified and it will go to the most recent file or the oldest. Sixe is iportant because if tey do not have any storage space left they can check which file is taking up the most space and delete it.            The Mac OS Sierra file management is similar to windows 10 file management. The file management is called finder and just like   Security management device driversWindows 10 is used worldwide by billions of people, this means they must have excellent security management. Windows 10 need to protect the users personal details, files and documents. If these programs get hacked into the user may lose money and all of their documents, this will cause outrage and will cost microsoft a considerable amount of money, their stocks will go down and they will lose trust with their current customers. Widows have several security precautions such as, passwords, pin, pattern and picture password. These are used the computer can see if it is the user if it is correct. If the password is put in incorrect the computer will block it for a certain time or if the computer is connected to the users email they will block it until the user goes on their email to verify if it is them.Device drivers are peripherals devices such as mouse, keyboard and a monitor. Device drivers tell the computer system what to in certain situations. The user can go on settings to change the peripheral devices settings. This will allow them to change settings such as, for the mouse the sensitivity and if it has extra buttons the user can change what each button does. For the monitor the user can change the size, if the screen is zoomed in too much they can change it so everything fits on the screen. For the keyboard it is similar to the mouse as they can change what the extra buttons do.