iOS serves free beer and appetizers for workers.

iOS developers are responsible for designing and building applications
for the for the iOS platform. In other words, they write the software that enables
iPhone users to shop, watch movies and television shows, share photos and
comment on social media, play video games and more. They are highly sought
after because their work simultaneously drives innovation of Apple’s mobile software
and hardware division through the development of innovative apps. Characteristic
predispositions of a good developer are supreme communication, detail oriented,
great at time and task management, logic maniac, good team player, passionate, creative,
excellent problem solving skills and of course writing code. Therefore, it is
clear that an iOS developer is a career for individuals interested in working
with innovative mobile technology; aspire to create the next Snapchat, or
create apps that contribute to the improvement of humanity.

According to, iOS developers ensure the performance, quality
and responsiveness of applications, collaborate with a team to define, design,
and ship new features. In addition, they identify and correct bottlenecks and
fix bugs, help maintain code quality, organization, and automation. They spend
most of their time at their computers writing software. They will also spend
some time writing diagrams and thinking about the general structure of programs.
Like any work, there is also occasional meetings with bosses, clients, etc.  In the best companies, an iOS developer has
long periods of deep, uninterrupted work where they get to solve very interesting
software problems. An iOS developer earns an average of $94,424 per year
( According to, some of the benefits of
working at Apple are discounts on Apple products and stock options. Apple also
holds a “beer bash” in the quad at Cupertino once every few weeks where it
serves free beer and appetizers for workers. 
The company gets musical guests to perform too, such as One Republic,
which made a special appearance to celebrate the Mac’s 30th anniversary
this past January (  Apple
also provides a stipend to help cover the cost of employees commuting by bus,
train, and other means. There is a lot of independence and little micromanaging

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Ideally, an iOS developer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and
least one year of experience building apps in Objectice-C and Swift programming
languages. According to Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science at UC San
Diego Philip Guo, graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology or
Stanford will give you professional advantages over those who attend normal
universities.  It is easier to get
interviews at Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and prestigious big companies alike. Starting
salaries are higher, and the people at big companies have a better initial
impression of you even if they have not yet seen your work.  Unlike other careers, you can learn to program
with just a MacBook and an Internet connection. Therefore, employers expect a developer
to have a portfolio highlighting their programming skills. Building apps pro
bono for charities, non-profit organizations, are great ways to build your
portfolio while gaining professional experience.

Great developers are rare.  Their
productivity is 3 times that of an average developer and 10 times that of a bad
developer (The Mythical man month). The top 1% developers in the world do not just
write solid code but have important intangible traits.  Qualities that set great programmers apart
are a positive attitude, someone that is willing to go the distance to get the
job done and bring their best every day. Good communication skills directly
correlate with good development skills. A great developer is able to understand
problems clearly, break them down into hypotheses and propose solutions in a
coherent manner. They understand concepts quickly. They are highly reliable,
have a strong work ethic and the ability to estimate the amount of time needed
to complete a task, and delivering on it. 
They also have the ability to learn new technologies on their own and
find difference resources, talk to the right people and find solutions to
problems they do not know the answer to.