Holt, internet control for the audience. Jardin, Xeni.

Holt, Tom, et al. “Political radicalization on the Internet: Extremist content, government control, and the power of victim and jihad videos.” Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict 8.2 (2015): 107-120.School Criminal Justice,John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Psychology Department it talks about how uploading videos could shows powerful individuals which could lead to others follow them and also taken action which could lead to an violent action.Having different various of videos makes the government the action to have the internet control for the audience. Jardin, Xeni. “Future Web Exporting Censorship.” Index on Censorship 36.4 (2007): 88-88.Author,Journalist and co-editor Jardin,Xeni,he talks about the experienced he went with censorship he says that the blog he wrote were censor is some places around the world because he knows freedom of speech are limited in some parts of the countries that those people are unable to see speeches because the government don’t let them.Also how many people aren’t able to reach a certain site because of internet censorship.Also having free ideas,speeches and information are the countries goal to make sure they are censor from certain countries.     Karlin, Josh, Stephanie Forrest, and Jennifer Rexford. “Nation-state routing: Censorship, wiretapping, and BGP.” arXiv preprint arXiv:0903.3218 (2009).Authors and researchers from University of New Mexico, Santa Fe Institute and Princeton University,it talks about national policies of the ISP to common a checkup on the internet.If the government of different countries uses ISP checkups it would lead to significant outcome of censorship.Many rely on China and Great Britain which they are known for traffic censoring so if they started to do checkups it could lead to many not being able to reach a site that they want to see that are from a different part of the world.It could have impact with the people since they the ones mostly use to internet to go into different sites.Lee, Chin-Chuan. “Press self-censorship and political transition in Hong Kong.” Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics 3.2 (1998): 55-73.Author Lee,Chin-Chuan, it talks about having self-censorship in the press to avoid pressure and have references that won’t go against China.Journalists are the ones who are the most afraid to share information that aren’t to suppose go out in public so they have to be careful to do so in order to not upset China. Lockhart, William B., and Robert C. McClure. “Censorship of Obscenity: The Developing Constitutional Standards.” Minn. L. Rev. 45 (1960): 5.Author,Lockhart,William B.,it talks about how there has to be precautions and protection when it comes to talking about sex.Not will it only aim certain people but it will “validity of censorship will depend upon” those audiences.The government wants to remove those site because they believed in bring back the social importance and protecting “Morris, Stephen. “Political correctness.” Journal of political Economy 109.2 (2001): 231-265.Author from Yale University,is about identity preference how someone made think that their identity are safe but it’s a lie because having you private information be shared could lead to ruin someone’s reputation.They don’t have any information being shared because they don’t want any ideas or unbiased Advice to be shared to be that impact the future.