Every workers since the start of the organization.

Every organization has its own unique
personality, just like human do. The unique personality of an organization is
referred to its culture. In groups of people who work together, organizational
culture is an invisible but powerful force that influences the behaviour of the
members of that group in an organization. Organization culture defined the value
and assumptions shared within an organization. The shared values have a strong
influence on the people in the organization and dictate how they act and perform
in their jobs. Every organization develops and maintains a unique culture,
which provides guideline and boundaries for the behaviour of the member of the


In Apple Inc, organization culture is one of the key
factor of their success. A company’s organization culture determines the capabilities
in support changes, new strategies to approach the market and new policies. In Apple
Inc they focus on creating an employee friendly environment can bear fruitful
results. If Apple Inc has to remain innovative, to keep its employees motivated
in theirs work. Apple Inc employees are effectively developed and integrated
into an organizational culture. The innovation can be observed from the products
that they have engineer and produced. Apple Inc has constantly fine-tuning its
organization culture to match the constant changes of its business needs. The
most significant culture in Apple Inc are:

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1.      Top-notch


Apple Inc have a policy on selecting the worker. Only select
the best of the best workers since the start of the organization. The tradition
has continued under Tim Cook that fired the employee that doesn’t meet the standard
of the organization. Excellence is emphasized as a critical success factor in
the business, especially in the product design and development.


2.      Innovation


Apple Inc is frequently appraised as one of the most
innovative companies in the world. All of the employee is trained and encouraged
to innovate in terms of individual work performance and contributing ideas to
the company in product development and designing process.


3.      Creativity


Apple Inc employees are selected for their knowledge,
skills, and creative abilities. The firm’s highlights the importance of
creativity in their organizational culture. Employees that have involved in
product design and development are exclusively creative. This culture helps
Apple Inc to maintain the business needs and consumer needs.


4.      Secrecy


Secrecy is part if the company strategy to minimize
theft of proprietary information or intellectual property. It has been state in
the firms polices and employment contract. This helps protect the business from
employee stealing.


5.      Moderate


Apple Inc has a moderate combativeness in their
organizational culture. This feature is linked to Steve Jobs and his combative
approach to leadership. He was known to randomly challenge the employees to
ensure that they have the skills to work in Apple Inc. However, thing has
changed under Tim Cook leadership, the company culture has more sociable and
less combative. Now it has a moderate degree of combativeness.


In Samsung, they have stated that they will launch a
massive innovation to its human resource (HR) management to create an
organization culture befitting its identity as a global information technology
company. Currently their organization is running with the traditional
seniority- oriented system. The issues with seniority-oriented system is it doesn’t
encourage junior employees to communicate their ideas and propose initiative to
their supervisor. Samsung is changing their current system to a horizontal HR
system that will maximize the autonomy and creativity of their employee. The
reason for the latest changes was due to an internal awareness that the
company’s culture, the software of the company, fell behind compared to its
outward growth in size and reputation. Samsung is well known around the world
for its management and system. The company remained strong in overcoming crises
and quantitative growth based on such features, but the company is viewed to be
weak in innovation based on the autonomy and creativity of its employees due to
its rigid culture. Furthermore, Samsung is also changing its meeting culture
and reporting culture. They promote a meeting culture where only for those
employees that involve in certain development or department to freely express
their thoughts and reach a conclusion. The company will also work to eliminate
the culture of overtime due to a supervisor or higher-level management has not
left as well as unnecessary overtime. They also plan to allow employees to take
leave any time of the year. Employees will be allowed to wear shorts to work
for their own comfort. A representative of Samsung Electronics said, “The final
goal of the changes to our human resources management system is to work to
quickly implement decisions and encourage communication like start-up companies
and to continue to seek innovation”. The refurbished organization culture has
been implemented in March 2017.


            In our opinion, Apple Inc does
better than Samsung in the aspects of organization culture. Apple Inc reinforce
the goals and formal structure of the company if there is a greater outcome.
For Apple Inc, Organization culture is focus more on encouraging their
employees on increasing innovative and creative in order to develop better
products for their consumers. The design of Apple Inc is CEO-centric, it means
the employees treat their CEO as the centre of decision process and design. The
advantages of this system are the employees able to communicate with CEO easily
to express their idea for product they made. For Samsung, they are lacking
behind of Apple Inc because currently they are still transitioning from the
traditional seniority-oriented system. The employees are having difficulty