Each CRs are used by both male and

buildings of Iligan
City National
High School campus
contain toilets. Buildings that are for students have toilets in every floor.
This is for them so that they won’t walk for meters just to release their
personal necessities. Toilets’ cleanliness is very important for it is beneficial
to our health. However, inside the campus, lack of cleanliness of CRs is the
problem here.


of the cr of dagohoy building-

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is an example of a dirty toilet. This problem started when the waterline of
every floor of Dagohoy building has been cut down. A teacher told me that the
assigned cleaners of every CRs have been stopped by the school since it’s not
their job and it is the responsibility of students.


the said building, CRs are used by both male and female. There is no proper
labeling of gender in every comfort rooms. Since it is used by both genders,
the risk of a dirty toilet increases.


just you smell the stingy odor and get disgusted by the dirty corners of every toilet
but you can also get health complications because of this. Are the students
involved in this problem aware of the possible risks of their health because of
these “yucky” toilets? Well, for YOU to be aware, I’ve searched on the internet
about the infections and diseases that you can get from dirty comfort rooms and
these are what I have found.


Suppression of urination
due to dirty toilets

of urination due to dirty toilets can lead to kidney
and bladder diseases.” (Rossier,
2013) We don’t like dirty toilets so we tend to avoid going in to those places.
Because of the problem that occurred in Dagohoy building, students will find
another toilet to use and if a clean CR is located far from their rooms, they
will just suppress their urination. This usually happens when classes are still
going on and the student has to excuse themselves to urinate but they have to
come back as quick as possible.


Streptococcus infection

are any type of infection cause by the streptococcus or strep that is a group
of bacteria. These are obtained from using dirty toilets and can spread
throughout the body of the affected person. “The diseases that are caused by
them are strep throat, scarlet fever and skin infections. These can also cause
urinary tract infections, blood infections and pneumonia.” (Das, 2015)


Hepatitis A infection

This is the most
common infections that can spread by using dirty toilets. The symptoms of
Hepatitis A are fever, nausea, and abdominal cramps. These are transmitted from
feces of people who are infected. These can also spread by sharing common
buckets or mugs and other toilet things that can be handled and shared by
everyone through indirect contact.


Colds and flu

This virus
infection is very common. If the toilet is not cleaned, many bacteria that
causes infection will gather up and one of these are colds and flu. The
symptoms are headache, fever, blocked, or running nose. This infection is very





Staphylococcus infection

is commonly known as staph infection. This group of bacteria can bring many
diseases. This is a direct infection and it takes months for recovery when you
obtained this kind of bacteria.


E-coli infection

but not the least, Escherichia coli or known as e-coli bacteria are a group of
bacteria that normally live in the intestines of healthy people and animals.
Though it is harmless to humans, it can still spread and cause diseases. This
infection are usually present in public toilets even they are cleaned or not.
These infections can lead to bloody stools, abdominal cramps and vomiting.

you are aware that a continuous use of dirty toilets can give us many
infections and diseases. Let’s be sure that every toilet from each building is
cleaned and students should take their responsibility to their assigned areas
to clean. We heard the saying “Cleanliness is next to godliness” and “Health is
wealth.” These will help us maintain not just the beauty of our surroundings
but the health of it and to us, humans.