Be a beautiful dress or getting an education,

Be more
creative: health benefits of creativity

talents are inherent in every person. Actually, this is life
force. Creativity is the desire and ability to manifest one’s personality
in the space where we live. If you want, creativity is the very
desire to live. Realization of creative potential, the manifestation
of one’s capabilities always helps to strengthen and multiply the vital
forces of the individual. Only by realizing their creative
intentions, a person is able to acquire a harmonious mental
state. In other words, the person must always come up with new and
increasingly interesting tasks, and then seek their solutions. If this is
not the case, the personality begins to degrade.

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Of course,
at different stages of life and at different ages, at different stages of
development and in different fates, people set themselves a variety of
tasks. It does not matter what it is: buying a beautiful dress or getting
an education, raising children or moving to another city. It is important
that the very process of solving the problem brings joy, emotional uplift, the
desire to do something new, more complex and interesting. Realization of
self-knowledge – you can tune in to a meeting with a person
appropriate to yourself. And so on, the process is endless both in time and in
the variety of tasks. Such creative development of personality
speaks about the mental normality of a person. And also, that
the soul strives for harmony not only in words, but also in deeds.

can activate your creative abilities in various ways. In any case, one
thing is quite obvious: man’s vital forces and his creative activity are
directly dependent on each other. There are forces – there is creativity. Creativity
is stimulated – the vital forces of the body grow,
physical and mental health is strengthened, a normal, harmonious
perception of the world and of itself in this world appears.  Energy is
necessary for a person to be healthy and happy, able to solve any problems and
build life at will. Sometimes you notice that you have a premonition of some
events. Sometimes you suddenly find the right decision, it comes as an
insight. It happens, as a miracle comes true, what you only secretly
dreamed of, afraid to think about it seriously. And yet there is no
miracle. There is only a harmonious energy of your being, directed in the
right direction. The ability to concentrate in the essence of an object and understand
everything that you need; the ability to guess, that is, to intuitively
receive the information you need; the ability to feel objects, phenomena,
circumstances and other people – these are the manifestations of creative
activity.  . Its advantage is that it makes a man a truly
free creator of his own personality.